MAG has a highly-respected professional status and continues to be recognised for an innovative style that’s inspired others, and which has yet to be bettered. Our style embodies the principles that we are founded on – these inspire and guide all who are part of MAG’s business.

  • To conduct all our professional relationships with a high level of integrity and trust and adopt this approach consistently to sustain our continued long-term success.
  • To manage our business in a responsible and effective manner and promote innovation and growth throughout the organisation, always considering the risks involved and managing them carefully.
  • To manage our finances prudently and to protect our clients, insurers and staff interests.
  • To respect and understand financial rules and make them part of our approach to help contribute toward the continual improvement of MAG.
  • To act with care and diligence to enhance our public image and credibility which strengthens MAG’s team.
  • To promote a culture of continual professional development by constantly reviewing our collective skills and expertise.
  • To be responsive to worldwide developments, accepting change as an intrinsic part of our business and interpreting it as an opportunity to grow and improve.
  • To communicate honestly to our clients, insurers and underwriters and be a reliable source of accurate information.
  • To maintain a focus on our clients’ interests by dedicating undivided attention to their needs. That way, we can pinpoint solutions that fulfil their demands with complete satisfaction.
  • To recognise the need to have respect for market conduct, the regulator and the legislators.