MAG was the first Italian broker to set up in London and take full advantage of the wider international market it offers.

We focus on offering access to the benefits and advantages of an international market tailored to the specific needs of our Italian clients and brokers. We’ve grown in line with our ambitions by extending our territorial resources to encompass a broader European spread.

In recent years, the whole of Europe and in particular Italy has been in a continual phase of transformation. We responded instinctively to those changing market conditions and are well-positioned to offer bespoke insurance and reinsurance solutions to our international brokers and their wider needs.

We operate in the European and international markets through European brokers, Lloyd’s Coverholders, Lloyd’s Open Market Correspondent and insurance companies. This has given us a significant commercial and competitive advantage.

We offer a wide portfolio of insurance products including Marine, Aviation, Industrial, Commercial and Personal lines together with term Life Assurance. We also have specialist expertise in areas such as Casualty, Contingency, Fine Art, Professional Indemnity and Cash in Transit policies. Importantly, we provide professional, credible support to all our clients throughout the entire insurance process.